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Anna Mandala

Founder and Principal
of the IIHTVH

The IIHTVH is an
accredited school of the:

On the 30th August 2011, the
Federal Regulatory Council of
the GRCCT acknowledged,
appointed and affirmed
the Crystal Therapy Council
as the Lead Body and
Professional Council
for crystal healing/therapy.
The CTC represents
member-schools of ACHO

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since Feb 2006

Frequently Asked Questions
for Correspondence Courses

  1. How are correspondence classes conducted?  All correspondence classes at the IIHTVH are by correspondence only. You receive your lessons and submit your answers to the lessons by email.  You also create a portfolio of your work during the course.  At the end of the course you are examined and marked on your proficiency. The answers to your lessons and the portfolio you have created are also taken into account of the marks.

  2. What is the minimum age for admission into home study with the IIHTVH? Students must be at least 16 years of age to enroll in any IIHTVH correspondence courses.

  3. Are international students accepted?  International students are welcome at the IIHTVH. There are students from many countries around the world completing correspondence courses and gaining accreditation at this time.

  4. How do I contact the IIHTVH? Simply click the "enrolment form" button located at the bottom of this page and on various pages of the courses button. This will take you to our secured 'Contact Form' to reduce spam.

  5. Can I just enroll in any correspondence course or must I first be admitted as a student of the IIHTVH?  Yes, you may enrol in any correspondence course once you have completed the enrolment form.

  6. Do I have to buy books or extra supplies for the courses?  No. All reading material, meditations and other necessary supplies for each course are included in the course price.

  7. How long does it take to complete a course?  Most students will complete their course within a year.  However, you progress at your own speed. You have a maximum of 18 months to complete a course. After which time your course will be marked as 'incomplete'.  Should you wish to reinstate in the same course to continue, it will be up to the descretion of the principal.  Usually a small amount will need to be paid to reinstante you as an IIHTVH student in order for you to complete the course.  However, being away from a course more than six months, the IIHTVH will not be able to allow you to continue as too much time will have elapsed and the knowledge gained during the time of your tuition will not be acute enough for you to continue. 

  8. What kind of certificate can I earn from an IIHTVH correspondence course?  The IIHTVH offers a certificates to document your coursework. This certificate gives you the right to practice and apply for insurance as a practitioner. We are currently working with the CMA for IIHTVH Correspondence Course Certificate Accreditation.

  9. How do I receive my Certificate from the IIHTVH?   Once you have enroled, completed your studies and gained a 70% pass or more in a particular course, your IIHTVH Certificate will be posted to you in the traditional manner (snail mail). It is important therefore to keep us updated with your current address.

  10. If I lose my IIHTVH certificates or diplomas, can I get a copy?   You can request a copy of any certificate earned at the IIHTVH. The fee is €15 which includes postage.

  11. Can I contact my tutor with my questions?   Yes. You will be in constant contact with your tutor who will gladly answer your questions pertaining to the course material.
  12. How do I pay for a course?  For international students, all courses can be paid with all major credit cards and PayPal.  For our UK students we also allow bank transfer.
  13. Is financial aid available?  We currently do not accept student or government loans nor do we have any financial assistance programs.

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Since beginning this
course I have become
much more aware
of the colours
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